My Book 2TB can you lay it down?

Is it safe to lay down the My Book or do I have to keep it standing? If I can lay it down, is it 90 degrees clockwise from standing ro counter clockwise?


I have mine layed down just make sure the vents are blocked. I did it becaue I’ve seen to many post from people that tipped theirs over and screwed it up.



You tip yours over to block the vents? And you also did it  because others were also tipping it and got their My Book’s busted?

So… 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise from the standing position?

I believe that was a typo on Joe’s part – I think he was saying to make sure the vents are _ not _ blocked.

And I believe he was saying he lies his down because others have had the drive fail when it has been inadvertently knocked over from its upright position.  If it’s lying down’ it can’t fall over.

If you turn it clockwise, so the top is to your right, then the drive inside will be “rightside up” – the way it’d mount inside most PC’s (at least that’s the way all my MyBooks are when I look at the drive inside).

If you turn it counter-clockwise, so the top is to your left, then the drive inside would be “upside-down”.

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