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Hi everybody,

Unfortunately I made a mistake with my WD external hard disk, I was trying to make a usb image to install Linux and instead of do it on my usb key I did it on my external hard disk, I runned the following command:

dd bs=4096 if= of=

So now, I can only see the hard disk when I use Linux, but not its content. I can only see the menu from the iso image. Anyway I was able to see the content somehow using “R-Linux” software after scanning the whole disk, but I can’t access all the content. 

It is anyway the I can reconstruct the system structure of my hard disk, so I could recover all the content?

Thanks in advance.


Your best bet, aside from sending the drive to data recovery, is not to write to the drive at all for now, and use file recovery software.  Because Linux ISO images often approach 700MB, you’ve lost at least that much space and it will be difficult to recover the rest of your data.

Unfortunately, this is one of the times where having a good backup can be so important.  Get what you can off and once you have recovered everything you can, you can simply repartition the hard drive to begin using it again.