My book 1TB unable to read hard drive, tried to attach to pc via usb

I have a My book 1TB external hard drive, i backed up a lot of my familys photos and videos and it stopped working. then i removed the hard drive and tried to attach to my win 7 OS PC, went to computer mgmt and added as hard drive when did those steps it asked to convert to NTFS, which is did, but since then keep saying first i need to format the hard drive to use it, but i don’t want to format.
Kindly need advise please.i learned on new WD my book uses EXT4 file system, may be that is the reason why i had issue unable to read in first place. please kindly provide any steps to read this hard drive. i didn’t format. all i did is switched to ntfs. need to switch back to ext 4 and then may be i need to try.

My Books have hardware encryption… if the internal hard drive is removed from the enclosure, the encrypted data cannot be accessed /read on your PC and the only way for the PC to be able to use the drive for storage is by formatting it.

I think i read somewhere it may be possible to bypass the encryption using Linux, but i have no experience with that to offer any assistance.