My Book 1140 works on USB 2, not USB 3 port

My 2 TB My Book Essential 1140 will not work with the USB 3 port on my new Windows 8.1 computer.  When I plug it in to the USB 3 port the computer registers that something has been plugged in, but not a disk drive.  Device Manager has a yellow exclamation point that says “unknown USB device”, and System information says “USB Mass Storage Device … This device cannot start”

When I plug the drive into the USB 2 port of the same computer, it works fine.  Other USB peripherals work fine in the USB 3 port, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Any ideas?

Hello gtd123, welcome to the WD Community. Check if you have the latest USB 3.0 drivers installed for your PC. You can also try uninstalling the USB drivers and reinstalling them again. 

Thanks, done, already most recent driver, no change.

Did you check the manufacturer’s site and motherboard site for updated drivers? Having Windows check doesn’t always get the newest drivers.