My Book 1 terabit

I have a mybook external 1 terabyte drive.  It does not show up on My Computer, but it does show up in device manager.  What do I need to do in order to access the drive.



Try accessing the disk management . Start > right click on Computer (My Computer if you have win xp) > Manage > Disk Management.

Verify if you will need to format the drive but if the drive is showing as a healthy partition then you may need to get the latest updates on your OS. If you have win xp make sure you have sp3 , If you have win vista or 7 just download the latest update, that worked for me before you can also give it a try

Look in disk Magagement it may just need  letter assigned or be put online.


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Thanks.  I do have xp professional with sp3.  The drive in disk management does say its healthy.   It still does not show on my computer though.  any other suggestions?

Thanks Joe.  This solved the problem.