My 3 WD My book 3.0 wont shut down after shutting down the computer

Hi, i have 3 WD My book 3.0 that are connected to an aukey 3.0 hub that is powered and this one is connected to a macbook pro 13,

They wont shut down, after i shut down the computer. first they try to shut down, then after the computer is shut down they reboot, and then they start to blink.

How to fix it?

Thanks for answer.

Hello there,

What happens when you connect the one of the drives to the computer directly, does it shut down when the computer is shut down? This might be because its a powered USB hub. hope this helps.

My copy of My Book
Essential 3TB has served me well for 4 and a half year, but recently
I observed the same as joseangel. After shutting down the computer,
My Book was still running.

I wondered, was this caused by the upgrade from Win7 to Win10? No, it was just as simple
as ArMak wrote. I recently rearranged the computer room and this time
I connected My Book to a 3.0 USB Hub with separate power supply.
Thanks ArMak, now I have connected My Book directly to the computer
(PCI Express card) and the disk is obedient when I turn off the
computer. (A logical issue!).