My 2TB my book essential is only remain visible for a few seconds

When i connect my mybook 2TB, it only shows the drive unlock partition and only remain visible for like 30-40 seconds then disconnect and then reconnect automatically and so on… if i press the unlock drive partition during it’s short visible time it just open but disconnect again after some times… Please  Please give me a solution…i dont want replacement… i want my data back… i tried some partition recovery software… it can see my drive but when it starts to work , become disconnected shortly after that…

  1. My usb port is ok coz using the same usb slot for another my book.

  2. The disk is moving . i can feel it by sound and vibration.

  3. It happened earlier and fixed automatically but this time its not fixing anymore.

Please help…


If you look at your drive, do you see if the USB port on the drive is making a solid connection? Some people have reported flimsy connections in the USB port of the drive, having this same issue.

Try a different cable.  Somebody recently posted a pic of the cables and one has a very small lock that is probably causing the problems with loose fit. If still in warranty call WD and ask about a new cable. A couple of the moderators saw the pic and looking into the matter.