My 1TB My passprt ultra is working with mac but its not showing in win 8

I Brought new 1TB HDD My Passport Ultra and Plugged it to my mac and installed the mac software, After that i formeted the disk using the software in mac. and copied some files in it… up to here every thing went fine but the problem is i connected to my Windows 8 Laptop it’s conecting very fine and even showing in Dives manger but not under windows explorer please help me out… how to make it work with My Windows 8 laptop…

Tried some of this solutions but still not working…

  1. Try to change the dives letter unders dives Manger but not abel to do it…
  2. Tried uninstalling all the USB drivers and restart the pc but still not working…

A drive formatted for Mac is not visible on Windows. You need to reformat to FAT 32 but the largest file that will handle is 4 gig. Or you can try some software here is a link to check


So i’ll lose all my file… If i format in windows is it visible in mac ??

If you format the drive you will loose your files. A drive formatted for Windows NTFS is read only on a Mac. I don’t know if there is any free software for Windows to use a Mac format drive. MacDrive is a pay one  I don’t know about Macs but this is old and was free


Thank you very much for your reply… finally iam happy some how… please let me know now i have a windows 8 pc with me i want to format my HDD in win 8 that can b work with both mac and win

which format do u suggest and hwo to do it in win 8??

I’ll PM somebody and see if he can help. He knows abut Macs.