Music track order backwards

I have ally music flac encoded, each album in its own folder. They have all been properly tagged.  When I play album on live hub, tracks play in reverse order.

I did not have this problem with earlier WDTV. Is it me or the livehub?

Change the SORT ORDER using the FILTER option.

The sort order seems to change the order of the album listings not just the tracks, but none of the filter/sort options seems to play the songs in their track order Unless I’ve missed something.

Are they named in track order?

In some folders I do have the title of each track named with track number in the title, such as 01-SongA, but in others the title is standard and I am relying on the track number in the tag. For folders withtrack number in title I was able to get the correct play order by sorting alphabetical as you suggested, but no luck with the others.

I am upgrading from a gen1 WDTV which handled all this well.

Thanks for help.

I don’t believe the unit reads the track info from the tag.

That does seem to be the situation. That is a step backwards.