Music Sort by Filename vs Song Title in MP3 tag

Hi, I just got the WD TV Live player hooked up… using the Twonky DLNA server.

When I open an album folder from my DLNA media server, I want the songs sorted by filename. Instead, the device presents them sorted alphabetically by the song title in the MP3 ID tag which, obviously, is not the proper order as they appear on the album.

I have all my music files organized like so:

Led Zeppelin/1969 - Led Zeppelin I/01 - Good Times Bad TImes.mp3

Led Zeppelin/1969 - Led Zeppelin I/02 - Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.mp3

The songs in this case would be sorted incorrecly by song title. I have selected present by filename, NOT song title, but it doesn’t work. If I could just get it to sort by filename (including the leading 01, 02, etc) everything would be great. Any suggestions?



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Don’t use the DLNA server – if you just use net shares it *will* sort by filename (now, there may be other compelling reasons not to use net shares, but it at least solves this problem).

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve tried to use net shares. My media server is Linux, and I have a Samba share configured with all my media on it. I can see this share on all the Windows PCs (XP, Vista and Windows 7) on my house network, but the WD TV Live does not “see” the server at all. I’ve tried the adding the workgroup name in all CAPS and in lowercase, and neither works. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much!



My NAS is Linux, of course (just about all of them are) and I have no issues seeing it with the Live.  Did you turn off password protection on your shares?  I would for sure.  Workgroup needs to be named “WORKGROUP” – for some odd reason this really is the only thing that works well with the Live (and make sure after you do ANY changes on your server side that you completely reset the Live by using either the menu option or a hard reset with the paperclip on the side).

If, after a reset you still can’t get in be careful what you have turned on.  Try it with turning everything off (even your server and the Live), then turn only the Linux server on, and then finally just the Live on.  See if it can then see your shares – there is some thought that perhaps order of these boxes (particularly if there are Windows boxes on the net) makes a difference in how a media browser works.