Music player

I would like to have a better music player. All I can do is navigate at a set of folders and files of music. There are neither playlists nor random across all files (I’m restricted to the folder I’m in). The default to loop is awful when there’s one track in a folder.

I notice that on my Macbook Pro 2009, I can use iTunes to navigate and it’s great. That’s the functionality I am seeking. Playlists, smart folders that I can set rules to using metadata, and a quick search feature. However, I notice that each time I connect, it forgets I unchecked some annoying tracks that I don’t want to listen to. I assume this is an iTunes problem.

I notice on an iPad, the Apple music player does not pick up the drive’s library. The WD2Go software for iPad and my Android smartphone run fairly similarly, as I have both, and it is lacking the features I’d love in a music player.

These comments are generally applicable to videos and photos, too, so it could be extending the music player software to a media player.

Thanks and keep innovating,


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I think that if WD2Go doesn’t get into the media player business, perhaps WD could partner up with existing app developers and allow integration with the access to wireless personal storage. If Android, iOS, or apps like DoubleTwist could tap my drive, then I’d be a happier user.

All in all, I love my My Book Live more and more. The wireless and remote access to my files has helped me get past many moments of forgetfulness and poor planning when needing files! It has enhanced quick file retrieval while mobile and I’m loving my personal cloud!

As I know, Apple Music can only be played under the official Apple Music player or the iTunes. It is impossible to play Apple Music directly on other software or players.

In general, there is another alternative solution. You can remove DRM protection from all the Apple Music M4P files by using apple file converter, then you can play apple music on any music players such as play apple music on kodi and so on. Kodi is a great online media player for Windows.