Music Playback Screen - Missing Playlist


i have a WD TV Live, WDBPUF0000NBK.

After install the latest update to version 01.02.17, i miss the list view when i open the “actual playing” site in the menu (mochi theme). This view is describe in the manual on site 85. When i open this site now, the system show me only the actual track how is playing.

How can i change the view back to the the list view?


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Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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They changed how the music player works in firmware … there a different xml’s referenced for music now

(can’t be changed by theming either)

I think this change started with firmware 1.01.30 ?  the only other firmware you could “rollback to” is 1.00.42,-wd-tv-live


thank you for answer.

with the firmware 1.01.30 was it perfect, there was the list view. But with the new version 1.02.17 i missed this view.

I have allready rollback the firmware to 1.01.30, but what could i do when i have to install the next update?

How can i get back this list view in futur? 

Hi Trancer,

i´ve contact the support, and they told me

“Nice that you rollback the firmware, and you solved your problems in this way. If you have nice ideas to change the view, please make a post in our community.”