Music playback issue

I have music on a local USB drive, FLAC files, numbered properly, with each album in a folder, and the folders organized by aartist. When selecting a folder (album), and pressing play, the album begins to play but the first song is played twice, then the album plays normally. 

This behavior occurs when I use the Local Storage Folder View or the Media Library folder view. Is this a known issue? I can get around it by not hitting play at the Folder icon itself, but selecting the first song in the list and pressing play.

Not the biggest problem, but I’m curious if it’s a known issue.

I haven’t see this before. 

What firmware are you running on the unit? 

Does this happens with all the music folder? 

What about the videos? 

Current firmware for latest WD TV. Does happen with all music folders I tried, 

In re-reading the manual, it never says that pressing play when a folder is selected will play all the songs. Pressing OK twice is the method documented, and it works. (Page 81)