Music on ipad

I had uploaded m music into MyCloud, public.
I am working in Wi-Fi with my iPad Air.
I am able to access the music in mycloud using WD2go but all my songs are listed into one long list of songs titles.
How can i access my music properly stored by artist, album or the other iTunes cstegories on the iPad?

Alternatively, can i access mycloud music via Music application ? (Th standard music application installed in the ipad air)

Thank you


Take a look at this links. 

iTunes server and how it works on a WD Network drive

Videos and music stored on a Personal Cloud, NAS drive, My Net N900 Central, or a WD TV Live Hub cannot be streamed throughiTunes

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Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately this do Not solve my problem. All your links are related to workstations or pcs and not to iOS devices. Could you please propose a solution ? Thank you