Music / MP3’s won’t play

The original owner of this thread is  Sunredsun, however, the first post was empty. Our community hasn’t been made fully compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 yet, which can lead to an empty post. It should be compatible soon, but  in the meanwhile you could use another compatible browser in order to keep your Community activities bug-free.

I’m sure our team is working on this issue.


IE9 does not work in the forum. Your post is blank.

I see… is IE9 going to be supported soon? It’s getting hard to find a PC around here with out IE9 installed these days… anyway, here is my question again - posted from IE8 browser!

I have this problem where I can play a MP3 or two (sometimes).

If I go watch a movie or do something else that changes or stops the music “engine” from running (i.e. go onto Internet or even just do a check for firmware) then try and go back and select a MP3 to play the selection icon just appears and does not move on to play the actual MP3.

Nothing I do from that point on will play any MP3 and I have to shut down and restart the unit. It’s kind of like there is some kind of handshaking not working correctly when the MP3 codec is called.

There are no problems at all watching movies.

MP3 play back is very hit or miss and incredibly annoying. Has anyone else had this kind of problem or can suggest a solution? Is this a known problem?

BTW, I’m using the latest firmware but the problem existed with the previous two firmware revisions as well.


As regards to IE9.

Set Internet Explorer 9 to compatibility mode for the WD Community.   Go to Tools >> Compatibiity View, then make sure to add the WD Community to the list of compatible sites.