Music folder not displating thumbnauls of album art

Under Setting > Music setting, “Browser Display” is set to “Thumbnail Mode.”  However, when following the path Music > Local Drives > Album, the folders are not displaying thumbnails of the album art.   I’ve gone through the trouble of creating and saving folder.jpg files in each album’s folder; these are high quality 500px X 500px images.  Nothing!

This issue is particularly annoying at this time of the year when most of the albums being listened to are named Christmas this or Christmas that.  Any help would be appreciated.

I have folder.jpg in my folders and the thumbnails work fine. Have you upgraded to the latest firmware (.11) ???

Firmware is at version 1.01.11. 

Is there any limit on the size of the jpeg?  Mine are 500px X 500px and are about 36KB to 139KB.  For each album, the folder.jpg file is save in the same folder as the mp3/wma files.  Is this correct? 

Just a reminder, I’m accessing music on a local (USB) drive.

I don’t think there is a size limit in pixels but I’ve read somewhere here that the file size should be less than 70 kb.

I have some that were larger than 70kb that still displayed but they were slow to load.  

The WD TV Live will cache the state of thumbnails (at least this is true for network shares).  it even caches the state of not having a thumbnail.  I haven’t worked on music yet, but for movies, I will not see the new thumbnail associate to the movie if the movie was already there when the device last refreshed the cache.

To force a reset of the cache, unplug the power from the device.  Using the power button won’t work.  Plug power back in and when you browse it should rescan for thumbnails.  At least this is the behavior for network shares.

I have similar problems as well.  In general quite happy with this device, but the thumbnails are not showing up properly.  I have roughly 200 movie folders, each with a folder.jpg in there.  After applying the “reset - recache” method stated above, about 90% of the thumbnails are showing up.  The rest are still blank, even though I can physically click into the folder then view the picture itself.  The ones not showing up are varied in sizes, some 20k, some 120k.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

I cannot see artwork on folder thumbnails. I have folder.jpg in the folder along wth the songs and artwork displays OK with itunes, mediamonkey etc

What am I doing wrong?


I have ONE CD (the Eagles Desperado ripped accurately with dBpoweramp) whose album art will not display when browsing by artist or album but which shows up fine when browsing by folder.  Even the individual songs in the album show the cover art (which I’ve embedded into the tags) when browsing by album or artist.  Just not the main album cover itself.  I’m running 1.01.11 using flac.

Unplugging the WDTV Live from the wall fixed my problem.  Nickelarcade, thanks for the tip!  How brain dead is that - ignore the timestamp on the file and simply look at the file name to find a match in the cache?!  Is that broken or what?


I have some thumbnails of album covers that do display correctly when a track is playing and others that do not. Cannot make any sense of what’s going on. I’ve tried the power off/power on trick to clear the cache, but to no avail.

I’m running the current firmware.

I have the same issue with movie files. I find a folder contains 40 films, around 25 will display correctly with the jpgs, the others just show the default disc image.

I have all my artwork working properly in itunes but it would not show up on wd tv live. Problem is that itunes does not embed the artwork in the actual mp3 or aac file but in a proprietry database. I run itunes on a windows xp machine.

I ran the following script and now all artwork displays perfectly on wd tv live. The script actually embeds the artwork inside each itunes song. This script is for windows and others do exist on web for macs. 

I’ve managed to get the album art to show when I access music under Folders. But nothing shows when I go under Album, Genre, etc.

Also, when an individual track plays, the album art is missing.

Any suggestions??


do you have your music files located on a USB drive attached to the WDTV Live?

If so, do you just copy them over from your computer hard drive after getting all the album art embedded?

Yes, all my movies and photos and music are on a 1.5TB WD USB hard drive connected directly to wd tv live.

I just connected the WD Hard drive to computer, made a copy of my entire itunes folder from C drive and pasted it to wd drive (in case something went wrong), embedded the artwork into files on this drive, then unplugged it and connected it to wd tv live. (Original itunes files are untouched on C drive). Interestingly, most artwork is actually embedded in the music files but some album folders when opened reveal the song files and corresponding jpg artwork files as separate files. Unsure why, but end result is all good. Does anyone know why this happens?

I have not yet explored the networking capabilities of the wd tv live at all…my next project!

I just wanted to get everything working properly with a direct connection from usb drive to wd tv live first.

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I have 4 tracks out of about 3000 which will not show artwork when played.

2 are aac files and 2 are mp3 files.

I tried pasting the artwork into the album folder where they are located as a jpg file with same name as song. This still will not work for these 4 tracks and I do not know why.

I cannot identify anything different about these tracks. One, for example, is song 1 on a 10 song album and all other 9 songs show album artwork when played. Strange…any ideas anyone on this?

I find that if I unplug wd t v live for at least a few minutes and also delete the wd tv folder on my usb drive that is created every time the drive is connected to wd tv live, this seems to fix most thumbnail and artwork not showing properly problems…but not all. Why not all I do not know.

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PaulC wrote:

I find that if I unplug wd t v live for at least a few minutes and also delete the wd tv folder on my usb drive that is created every time the drive is connected to wd tv live, this seems to fix most thumbnail and artwork not showing properly problems…but not all. Why not all I do not know.

FYI, network shares on this thing ■■■■■.

if you go into you VIDEO section on the menu, it shows EVERYTHING (videos, music, jpgs) and same for MUSIC (again, shows everything).

Thanks for the advice. The embedded iTunes files do show the artwork as each song plays. But how exactly did you copy your songs to the USB drive? When I did it, I copied what I thought was the album and its contents. But when they pasted, only the individual tracks were pasted, not the album info. Is this how it’s supposed to work, or did you do something different?

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