Music cover art?

Hello there, may I ask if there is anyway to have the cover art of your music, and movie files when you go into the app?
Many thanks

Hi, currently this option is not supported, but you can propose the suggestion in the ideas board.

I guess it depends on which app and device you’re talking about, because music cover art is supported on the My Cloud NAS and the My Cloud app.

Hi there,

i was wondering bout the same thing. i’d love the mycloud app to be a proper media player so i can see all my tags.

such as title, album, year, genre and esp. cover art.

i use mybooklive and mycloud app, but i can only see the file name…

any suggestions what i could do or is it just not possible and will i have to send wd a note, saying this would be a progress to provide :wink:

If you want to do this while connected to your local network and you have an android device you can use skifta.

You can see artwork and mp3 info.

How did you get the music covers to work. Can you post any details.

I copied my itunes directory to the cloud, i can see the file names but not the cover art.


The coverart needs to be imedded in the file.   Is it?