Music backups

I have all my music backed up when i retrieve it all the permissions are wrong and it can’t be played anything i’ve done wrong to cause this thanks .

@willglen You haven’t told us much. What device do you have and what devices are you using for your music plus their Operating System. I have Windows 10 and use Windows Media Player or Groove Music. On my Cell Phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 I use the My Cloud Mobile App.

For backing up my computers I use SmartWare.

Sorry its itunes. What it is i’ve got two computers both running windows 7 i was not happy with both of them at moment so i factory reset one which i used as main pc but not managed to get it back running again it won’t update to sp1 or anything so i’ve had to use the other one for itunes which i’ve manage to get to put itunes libary in a folder from backup and when i open itunes it sees all my music but it won’t read music because of permissions and it will take ages to put right even if i do do it right