Multiple WDTV Live Plus

Does anyone have any experience using more than one WDTV Live Plus on their home network? I am using an UnRaid server to share my Blu-ray rips and DVD rips. All are in MKV format. I am wondering about how well the videos will play back on my 100 Meg network. Anyone doing this? Are you streaming fine?

Yep… All the time. I have four on my network.

2 Plus’s here with a Synology NAS.

They work great!  (Gigabit router & switches)

I have three Live+ on mine.  All mine are on WiFi.  No WD issues.  My G WiFi does stress a bit when all three are on, I can see it on my laptop downloads.  

At first, I put a 2tb drive on the WD box and share it to the other WD devices - that doesn’t work well.  The WD box is not that swift for sharing particularly over WiFi.  Over hardwire, the WD sharing with just one other works ok (stutter a bit but not much at all).  When I move ISO onto the 2tb, playing is not feasible until the copy is done.  When I have three WD boxes, the WD has a very hard time keeping up.

If you are planning on having many WD Live Plus (2 to 4), you should plan on having the files on a PC based server.  You don’t need a fancy PC.  I use a 3.2ghz multi-thread with merely 2gb PC2700 ram running XP and it works very nice.

The PC is using GB lan (3com addon card, a bit slow - about 3x the built-in RealTek 100mb).  The three WD Live Plus are on WiFi.  They can all play nicely.

At 4 and up, you should consider using a server OS.  Even the older Server2000/Server2003 should work much better than XP.    I upgraded my XP-PC to an old server OS.  Now I can back things up or cross copy between drives without WD even having a hiccup.  With the XP, my wife notices when I am copying a new ISO into the drive while she is watching a stored ISO on the same drive.  Now she doesn’t.