Multiple video outputs?

Can the hub be connected by hdmi and component at same time (to different displays)? Hdmi to 1080p monitor and the other to 720p tv. Dvd rips at 480p be the highest def I use. Thanks.


(I have mine connected to Panasonic FullHD TV via HDMI, Portable DVD players via COMPOSITE and Avermedia HDD Recorder via COMPONENT … all at the same time)

Note: Sound Output must be set to " Stereo" for all devices to recieve Sound at the same time.

Note: You might have to try different Video Output settings if you have problems. (as some displays may not support Progressive Scan… eg. if 1080p is a problem try 1080i) which is “Interlaced”

Example pic of my TV and Portable DVD player (HDMI,COMPOSITE)