Multiple Users

I just learned from SUPPORT that MY Book Elite onlt backs-up the administrator’s files and not all user files.  No where during the installation is that indicated.  I purchased this to back up all files and not I find out that it does not.  Is SUPPORT correct on this?  If so, does any one have multiple users on their computer and how do you handle the back-up?   jmazz

Would it work if you set up the backup from each user?

There is nothing unusual about that.  Most software will only back up the user files.  That’s what security is all about.  You are better off with software that makes a full image like True Image or even Windows 7 backup.

Setting up backups for each login would probably just lead to mass confusion anyway.  :cry:

Hm, I’m quite new here. However, I have the same challenge. I’m trying to enable the software (starting backup) for all configured users on my Vista computer (5 users).

My theory is that after I have finished the first backup for all users the backup software will take care of all modified, new and deleted files automatically. I also hope that files that some/all users can see are only backup up once.

Has anybody had in success with this issue?