Multiple subtitles for a video file on Samsung smart TV

I have a Samsung smart TV, and when I have a single video with matching subtitle file (.srt) everything works perfectly. However if I have multiple srt files for the same video, I don’t know how to make them all work simultaneously. I cannot name two srt files the same name, and only one (the one with the identical name to video file) will work. How can I make both of them work (able to choose one language or another in the TV menu) at the same time? Right now the only thing I can do, is to change the name of the one I want to match the video file, and change name again if I want to use the second srt file of a different language.

Have you tried

my movie.mkv

my movie    <- English sub

my movie   <- German sub


Multiple Subtitles are not possible.

With DLNA, Samsung uses a diferent player than in AllShare.

DLNA - You must have movie and sutitles the same. If you want to fast foward the film you must clicl on the rigth joystick.

AllShare -  You can choose subtitles, you can fast forward, you can stop and them he plays in the exact moment you have stoped, etc etc…

You’re right. I tried it yesterday and even Samsung TVs internal mediaplayer can’t cycle between external subs,  no matter how they are named. Pathetic.