Multiple shares - slightly different question

I have done my research and I am aware of the glaring limitation of the Live Hub in that it cannot “aggregate” multiple separate share locations to create a single video library.  Crystal clear.  It bothers me, but I can deal with it assuming I can do the following.

I found an outstanding program for DVD conversion.  It supports pretty much anything I throw at it and does an excellent job for just watching the movie, which is perfect.  I have converted my entire HD-DVD archive to digital except for a couple, and the majority of my DVDs are already converted and backed up.  I use a Western Digital MyBook Live or whatever, the 1TB NAS that connects to your Ethernet network, and it works really good.  I want to buy a few more of these, and separate my library even further.  So I’ll have TV seasons on one, DVD movies on another, HD-DVD on another, and then everything else on a fourth.  Since I can’t aggregate like I’d prefer, the question is this:

Can I make the Live Hub *aware* of the four sources, so that it doesn’t have to scan each drive every time I connect to one?

I really don’t want to buy a 4TB NAS if I don’t have to.  Spending $150 once a month is a lot easier than forking over $600 some-odd bucks. 

Unfortunately, no.   

When you switch sources, it must re-scan the library.