Multiple problems!

I haven’t put the new firmware on my three month old Live after reading all the negative posts.

The thing was completely dead for the last few days - nothing appeared on the TV at all. I did several paperclip resets to no avail but after pulling the power for a few minutes I can get access to the menus now.

However, when I try to look at my main computer on my cat 5e network it askes for login information (with “anonymous” in the box initially.) I input my network SSID name OK, then the encryption key - but when I enter *that* the line becomes a line of blobs twice as long as the key I entered and access is denied!

Also, if I try to log into my UTube account, as soon as I enter the last of the username and password - the TVLive reboots! It does this every time.

Should I just bin the thing?

What firmware are you currently using?

What screen is actually asking you for logon?

The rebooting on youtube logon is well known and you may need to create a new youtube logon.

Um, I’m no network expert, but if you are directly wired into your network you shouldn’t have to put in an encryption key – that’s only for wireless, right?  You don’t put the SSID in either.

Now, you *might* have to login to user shares (if you’ve enabled password on those) but in that case you’ll need a user name (for an account on the computer) and a password assigned to the shares (but I would advise against setting a password on your shares).

And if you can get on the internet I’d *strongly* advise you to upgrade the firmware (hey, you can’t get any worse than you already are).

Duh! Yes, of course: I don’t need the SSID and key for the wired TVLive. I have a netbook on the network which *is* wireless and I have been unable to get into the network with that too and have got pretty confused!

(This all started a week ago when I installed W7 instead of XP Home, BTW.)

On the WiFi netbook if I look at the available netorks (only mine) there is a padlock alongside it and I can’t get access. But as far as I know I’ve never set up any kind of password or username or anything like that on it (apart from the gateway SSID and encryption key.)

On Win 7 you need to add “everyone” to your shares.  Go to your shared directory(s) and right click and then go to properties and then the sharing tab.  Then go to “advanced sharing”, click on “permissions” (we’re getting there) and finally do an “Add” and add “everyone”.  That ought to make that directory sharable.

While you’re on the sharing tab you can also look below at Password Protection – it should say “People without a user account and password for this computer can access folders shared with everyone”.  If it doesn’t, then click the link and correct it.

After you’ve done all this you’ll probably need to clear the shares from the Live – there is an option in setting called “clear login to shares”.

Thanks - what are the “shared directories”?

They are the ones you want to see when you choose “Net Shares” in the Live menu.

You can share any folder you want.  Just select it and follow the steps I outlined (there are some default shared directories but as a general rule you’ll want to set up your own where you’ll store your videos).

Many thanks - I have set the sharing without password/login and can now see all the drives on my main computer.

Now - do I bite the bullet and update the WDTVLive firmware?

What’s your CURRENT Firmware?

Datastream wrote:

Many thanks - I have set the sharing without password/login and can now see all the drives on my main computer.


Now - do I bite the bullet and update the WDTVLive firmware?

It’s a good question.  I can tell you what I’ve done – one of my units is updated, and the other isn’t.  They both seem to work fine.

You *can* go back to a previous version, so there’s no real danger, but remember that if you do update the firmware you need to reset the Live back to the factory defaults (and then redo the network again).  Not a huge deal, just don’t want you to panic if you upgrade and can’t see your shares again.

Currently 1.02.21 - unchanged from when I bought it.

Having read all the adverse comments on upgrading I am loathe to do it unless there are benefits…

Sometimes it’s a good rule not to fix what isn’t broken.

I tend to agree! (Although I’m always trying out new things against my better judgement - and then spending hours trying to get back to square one!)

Thanks everyone.