Multiple/Many MyCloud restarts

Whenever I power down the MyCloud network drive and power it back up I get many many many restart notifications that continue for at least minutes. These messages pop up (with sound) in the bottom right corner of my Windows 10 PC along with corresponding messages in the log. After the initial 5 minutes or more of restarts, it seems like the restarts stop, although occasionally and randomly it restarts once, instead of continuously as it does at startup.

I have email alerts set when this happens. Here is the text from one of those emails:FROM
Following events are generated on your WDMyCloud .

Event title:System restart

Event description:The system has restarted.


Event code:2001

Event time:02-10-2016 09:29:48 AM

Firmware version: 04.04.02-105

Any thoughts on why this is happening? Do I have a defective drive? If not, why is this happening and how can I make it stop. At best, its very annoying.

Something similar happened to me after restarting my PC, I started getting repeated notifications about the safepoint being updated successfully as well as a system restart. It’s like its flushing all the events of the last week or so. Stupid.

If its just flushing messages, I guess thats fine. Annoying but fine. I can turn the sound off. My concern is that its more than just message dumping. That many restarts in a row under any circumstance doesn’t seem like it should be normal behavior for an electronic device. Possibly even dangerous or destructive to data. Thats my real concern. Losing data.

So…how to make it stop?

Clearing the messages worked for me.

…and if that doesn’t work…what then? I cleared the message log. Still getting multiple restart messages. Also when I click on the notification message in the bottom right corner of the screen that briefly appears, I get another pop that shows the log. When I click on the “Clear log” button, I get many many boxes that appear that indicate I need to enter my administrator password to clear the log. It looks like one box per log message stacked on top of each other in the middle of the screen.

If I have 50 error messages, I am forced to enter my password 50 times to clear all the boxes and apparently delete the messages from the log one-at-a time.

So I still don’t know why I am getting the error messages and I am forced to go through a time consuming and stupid process to clear the messages. Any other suggestions/help/cures?

I had an issue where my 2TB My Cloud was re-booting at random intervals - not as frequently as yours, though. It turned out to be a bad hard drive.

You can check your drive by clicking Utilities and then Quick Test. if it passes the Quick Test, run a Full Test. A Full Tests will take several hours depending on the size of the drive.

You can adjust the notifications you get in the Notifications menu - set the slider to the left to get only critical message. Turn off email notifications to stop getting emails for any issue.

Good Luck!