Multiple MAC identities for my MyBook NAS drive appearing on my Hub?

I have a WD MyBook World NAS drive which worked perfectly with my BT Home Hub (HH) Version 1. We just changed package and received a new Version 2 HH.

After connecting up and installing the new hub I noted that:-

Windows XP (wired) and Window7 (wireless) laptops can see the NAS drive, copy files etc. using Windows Explorer :smiley:


the devices that used to access the iTunes library on the NAS drive (it has Twonky server on it) no longer find the server :cry:. Also the WD Discovery tool no longer finds the drive? I can however log into the drive via an internet browser and the MyBook location.

Also looking at the network map, the NAS drive MAC address appears several times on the list of devices attached to the network? Each identty with an extra incrremental digit at the end. e.g. ‘MAC name-00-90-a9-6e-08-00’, ‘MAC name-00-90-a9-6e-08-00-1’, ‘MAC name-00-90-a9-6e-08-00-2’, etc

Can anyone sugest a reason why multiple identity version of the NAS drive should appear on the network map? Or what I can do about it?

I have done a Norton Virus scan on the NAS and all other drives - took all day but nothing found.

Anyhelp gratefully received :smiley: