Multiple HDDs

Ok, so I have 2 WD 2TB HDDs connected to my media player. When I select Videos from the main menu, I have two folders, which are both HDDs, Is there a way to view all movies rather than having to select each individual HDD? 

Hope this made sense. And thanks for any help…


Set the FILTER (Green Button) to ALL, instead of FOLDERS.

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Well, that was easy enough… Thanks. But, I guess the problem with this is - I have over 1,300 movies. Not fun trying to scroll through that many movies.

Well, yeah, you can’t have it both ways…  ;)  

You will see the two disks as folders if you want to keep folders

You will see them all grouped together if you don’t want to see the disks as folders.

I understand… I’ll just have to buy a larger HDD to store all these movies on. Thanks for replying!