Multiple hard drive failure with freezing system

It’s the fourth time that I have to change my drive. It’s a 3 tb my book essential. It is connected at my Mac mini 2009 with an USB 2.0 ports. It unmount itself by its own and after a warning message of the system ( mountain lion, but also lion before ) to advice to unmount a device in a different way, I need to shutdown my Mac because it doesn’t respond.

There is an incompatibility with Mac?
No way to repair o reformat, and also after some tricks to restore the volume in Linux , the drive do the same think

this could be a firmware issue…

have you tried upgrading ?

I’m trying now. After an initialization I have updated the firmware, but after again an unmount error. So I’ve reinitialized the volume and now after 5 hours of copy, apparently it works.