Multiple errors with access and tech support can't help

I can no longer use the WDMyCloud Dashboard - keep getting “The connection has timed out The server at 192.XXX is taking too long to respond.” I can’t access my files remotely through WD2go, keep getting “directory could not be mounted because it is not WebDAV-enabled” and then when tech support calls me to troubleshoot, the wd2go site is even down for him.

HTTP Status 404 -

type Status report


description The requested resource () is not available.

Apache Tomcat/6.0.32

OSX 10.9.2. Firefox, (safari and chrome too)

so first of all, you are going to have to access your router to find what address your cloud has been assigned. I know all the latest tools are suppose to make that all easy but since tech support doesn’t have a clue and I don’t use wd2go, I’ll just have to lead you thru the old fashion way.

getting the dashboard

  1. find out what is your MyCloud IP by looking at your router logs and DHCP assignments

  2. type this in your browser url  http://192.168.0.xx/ and that should bring up your Dashboard in safari.

  3. if you don’t see your dashboard using this method, then your IP might have expired.

fixing your expired ip by assigning it a fixed ip

  1. reboot your device

  2. do the above instructions for “gettingthe dashboard”

  3. once you have access to your Dashboard, write down the assigned ip, Netmask, Gateway, DNS 1 and 2

  4. change from DHCP to Static and type in the same info as your wrote down in step 3. You can give the ip a different number as long as the first 3 set of numbers remain the same, otherwise you are not in the same network. i.e. (new number) instead of (assigned by DHCP). Be very careful with typing in all this information as we have heard that users might be unable to access their cloud if they typed in an incorrect #.

Also check to make sure you have the right date and time. Better safe then sorry, since date and time not in sync with the router can cause problems even with static ips.

Now you should be able to get at your dashboard at the permanent fixed IP always. 

Mapping the Devices as a drive

This is how I’ve been using the NAS device by mapping the device as a local drive. SMB for Mac. After mapping the shares as a drive, with the gigabit ethernet, the shares almost feels local.

On my Mac, once your WD Cloud is powered up 

  1. in finder, click Go

  2. select connect to server

  3. click browse

  4. you should see wdmycloud, double click on this 

  5. you will see Connected as: Guest,

   a. if you have already created users with access to certain shares then you must click on ‘Connect as’ and enter your       userid and password.

  1. select the shares that you want to connect and they will show up on your desktop. 

Mapping the MyCloud as a SMB share will give you the fastest access locally. However if you are on the road, install the WD2Go and configure it for your device. Use WD2Go while you are away from home and use the mapping when you are home.

Good luck…