Multiple Cloud Devices Showing In Dashboard

Can someone smarter than me explain my there is a growing list of cloud devices showing under my user profile in the dashboard? I have one PC and one Android phone. That’s it. There are multiple instances of both listed and it seems a bit pointless and absurd. Any clarification on why this is happeneing would be appreciated.

I use to have this issue when I was on firmware 156. What I did, I really don’t know if it is the proper way of doing it, was delete all the multiples except for the top one. Checked to make sure I could still have “Cloud Access” to the dashboard and internet access via the Desktop App. This happened to me twice. Once I loaded the lastest firmware it has never happen since.

I’m not sure if it was related to adding shares or not … but for now, my My Cloud is stable and I do not have this issue.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I will tell you about my six, not sure about yours.


When I set up My Cloud on my desktop that created one Windows 7 then I added my laptop that created another Windows 7 then I added both apps to my phone and that created two, one for the My Cloud app and one for the Photo app. I opened port 80 on my desktop firewall and noticed another one on my dashboard for Windows 7 and when I did the same thing on my laptop I found another Windows 7 showing on the Dashboard.



Both of my computers run the same OS … When I deleted all the ones below the first one, for “Cloud Devices”, everything still worked. I could access the My Cloud both from the desktops, explorer and internet access. I have no mobile devices, except for an iPad and that does not connect to anything other than WiFi to the router.