Multimedia drive showing on my PC but not on my TV


I don’t know what wrong with my Multimedia drive.

It shows in my PC, I can delete and relocated media files, but I can not see the menu  view on my TV neither the files.

I’ve tried even to connect it through USB to another Multimedia drive and it works even showing the movies with the same HDMI cable.

Can any one assist me ?

What to do ?

You may try resetting your media player.,339/session/L3RpbWUvMTMyNzA4MTUwNC9zaWQvMTM3OUZET2s%3D If it still cannot send a signal to the TV, you may contact WD for a replacement.

It sounds like the external drive is in a format that the TV won’t accept.

Is the drive NTFS?  Does the TV expect FAT32?

If it’s not a formatting issue, the issue could also be the drive itself.

The Smartware-equipped, password-capable externals have had a habit of not playing nicely with many consumer electronics.  They work fine with PCs and Laptops and WD’s media players, but things like XBOXes and PS3s and TVs tend to not see the drive at all due to the hidden partition for all the password-protection bits and pieces.

A bare drive like an Elements, should work fine, as long as its a format the TV can understand… other externals are somewhat hit-and-miss.

Then, the other issue is large drives.  If the drive is 2TB or larger, it may be incompatible with the TV, even if all else is right.  Drives over 2TB need GPT formatting, and many devices don’t understand the new style of partition table.