MS Mojo 1.09.01 (beta prerelease)

 This is the prerelease of MS Mojo beta.

Everything you need to use this theme is included in the zip file, including the TG template, and a Test folder.  This uses JoeySmyths moviesheet trick (that is used in his Aeonish Hub Stage 3 theme.  So a big thanks to him.

This is still Mojo though, and still does everything that it did before (and pretty much looks the same for now) except for using moviesheets to have a static background.

As said though, this is just prerelease beta version, and it is not yet completed.  I will be making changes to come, including having the ability to add the MPAA rating to your movies.  I did this with a limited release of Voodoo, and it seems to work pretty well (as long as you don’t have to clear your media library).


And a little tip, when you select the backdrop for the moviesheet in TG, make sure that you select one that is at least 1920 X 1080.  This is not required, but you will have a much better image on your TV if you go with the larger backdrops.

So here’s the download:

MS MOJO 1.09.01 (beta prerelease)

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“I’m thinking of adding a Moviesheet version of Mojo.”

  Awesome news. I love the look of Mojo (and Voodoo). For the  non tech savvy its a great theme , but one of the great features of the hub is it’s “support” of movie sheets. There are many great sheets out there, and your decision to include support for them is great news.

  What is your above image showing? Is this one of your movie sheets? Is it an upper/lower screen half’s sheet.

Anyway great news !

“but one of the great features of the hub is it’s “support” of movie sheets.”

Well, actually that’s one of the HUB’s downfalls, that it DOESN’T natively support moviesheets.  Getting moviesheets to show up is just a trick and one of the reasons that I have been hesitant to include moviesheets in my themes.  If moviesheets could be done natively, I would have included them long ago.

You can see the pic HERE until it gets approved.

As I said though, this is a work in progress and I’m not sure if the sheet in the pic will be the one I use.

looks very nice, I’m not   a fan of the arrows , right and left, but very nice.

I love MOJO especially the dvd covers - so pleased to see them included. 

very very EXCITED!!!

Thanks again TW  and all the other great themers for all your great work

I like it a lot Timwarble! Thanks for considering adding this to an already great theme.



Yes! I use ThumGen and always hate it when I can’t use the sheets. I think this will add a lot to Mojo.

Bumped for prerelease.

Thanks Tw works great - (of course) I know this is just a test but are you planning on including the dvd covers that were in the mojo theme and that where seen on the original screenshoot of this theme.


Hey gladster,

Yeah, I will include some DVD covers, but it will be limited because I have to make all new Moviesheets for all the covers and I just don’t have that kind of time to make all the Moviesheet templates for all the Cover boxes.

No worries a few is better than none.  Would there  be a way to use the old dvd covers and just replace them in the xml, or in thumbgen depending on what colour - Im guessing they are a different size than the mojo though.

Also what size are your folder icons?   Are they the same size as mojo 185x278 with a reflection.

Thanks TW

Hi TW, this is great news, thanks for sharing

Hey extremedigital, good to hear from you.


Once I have the templates perfected for the moviesheets, you should be able to make your own moviesheet with my DVD covers using Thumbgen Designer.   All you’ll have to do is replace the one’s that I’ll have in the template with the images included in the Cover Box download.   I’ll try to make a how-to to make it easier to do.

As for the folder icons, I’m still trying to get the right size of icons made so that they match the display size of the movie thumbnails.  Once I have them at the right size, I will include folder icons in the download.

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Thanks once again 

Kudos to you

Shall all the folder just be dropped into the .wd_tv / theme ?

do you have a read file?

No, only the folder “MS Mojo 1.09.01 (beta prerelease)” goes in the theme folder.

The folder “Mojo Moviesheet” is the Thumbgen template for the moviesheets and the folder “MS Mojo Test” goes where your movies are so that you can test the theme.

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i just d/l ur beta of ms mojo and i  need to know a few things

  1. do i have to re-make the .xmls and .png files with thumbgen ? if so can u tell me what setting in thumbgen if different.

i am running your first  mojo them right know.

thanks ]

mike  :()


Yes you do have to remake the .pngs (then manually  change the extension to .jpg) using my TG template in the download.  You don’t have to change any setting in TG if you have been using it before, just select “Mojo Moviesheet” as the moviesheet to generate.

As for the .xml’s you don’t have to change them, however, you will need to edit them and remove the backdrops from it or navigation will be slower.

I would recomend downloading TG, which you can get HERE, and generate the moviesheet and xml with it because it will generate the xml without the backdrop lines.  And you don’t have to replace your current version of TG, just extract it to a new folder and then you can either run the new version or the older above version.  Just make sure you copy your templates to both folders.

ok i got it to create the moviesheet pic fine with ur template.

know how do i get it to have the info over the pic.

do i use the " get info" from hub the ?

No, if you use “Get Info” it will overwrite your moviesheet.  When you generate the moviesheet with TG, select it to generate the .nfo (will be an .xml if you have it set in the options) also.