MS Access .MDB file incompatible with WD World?

I have a new My Book World 2TB.  Seems to allow me to copy lots of photos over to it no problem…from my computer running XP over my wireless network.  But when I try to copy folders over that have MS Access DBs in them (.MDB filess) the copy fails on the .mdb file.  This problem is replicable every time and occurs with two different folders that have two different .mdb files in them.  Can’t imagine how a hard drive would care what kind of file it is…in the end they are all just zeros and ones anyway!! :wink:  Or maybe it’s an issue with the .mdb file going over the wireless net and not really a drive problem?  Any ideas anyone?

Haven’t seen any issues with .mdb files here.  How large are your folders?  Can you transfer other folders without .mdb’s that are similar in size?


Folders with .MDB files are not very big…less than a Gig.  I have successfully transferred over one other folder with about 20 gig of pictures in it.  Another folder with about 15 gig worth of pictures in it.