MPWPro and Dropbox


I’m just getting started with My Passport Wireless Pro and learning about the WD Cloud infrastructure.

I’d love to be able to run Dropbox on the MPWPro in isolation so that whenever it’s connected to WiFi and the internet it updates the Dropbox folder just as it would on a normal laptop or desktop.

My logic to this is that my Macbook Air is often filled up with my Dropbox material (even with selective syncing particular folders). Often I just want to refer to the Dropbox material whilst on the road, but don’t actually need it on my laptop directly.

How great if the MPWPro had the dropbox all sync’d up so I can get at it when I want, leaving more disk-space leg room on my Laptop…


Dropbox is not supported on the MPW Pro. You would need to use a pc/laptop to copy between them.