MPW no hotspot option


I read the manual and read this forum, but could find the answer.

I try to connect to a hotspot on a camping. The hotspot looks like a normal network and will open a authentication page when I access the hotspot from my Macbook Pro or iPad.

When I try to connect with my MPW the authentication page will not show and I cannot enter the userid/passw.

I looked in the manual and there seem to be an option to choose “hotspot”, but I cannot find it.



The manual was never changed. Now hotspot connects like home network, except soon as you try to connect you are presented with a question, just pick the one that isn’t a home network; one that indicates it is a public network, but it doesn’t call it a hotspot. You want to select the most restrictive condition of accessing your MPW. I just can’t remember what it says exactly.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your reply.

I try to connect, but I don’t get the option you mention. I try to connect and after 5 to 10 min it fails with that I need to be in range of the wifi.

I added some screenshots.



OK, this is your answer. Lousy Wi-Fi in a hotel. Many of them have lousy Wi-Fi. Just because you can see a signal doesn’t mean it is strong or “good enough” to connect to and use…

Just use your MPW as a local signal, not on a hotspot until you arrive home, and then be sure you have a good signal to connect to.