*.mpls from BD directory playlist can be played?


I have stored the BD Disc not in *.iso format, I have stored the movie only into a directory (because I want to have only the movie).

The directory structure will be:

BMDV -> Playlist -> *.mpls

BMDV -> Stream -> *.m2ts

Now it seems that the WD Live HD ignores the mpls playlist and plays the m2ts files one after another after adding the directory into the movie library.

Does anyone know if it is possible with a BD directory to play the playlist instead of the movie files itself ?



Did you figure this out?

What do you mean ?

The WD’s ignore MPLS files.

If needed, I use the program TSMuxerGUI to re-create M2TS files by loading the Playlist.

Ok thanks, I use the TSMuxerGui too.

I’ve changed from O!Play to WD and the O!Play was able to play it correct. Therefore I wondered why it does not work here.

Another question regarding the audio.

Sometimes it happens, that after movie start there is no sound. With Pause/Play the sound it back. Any hints for that ?