MPG issue in newest firmware

Can anyone confirm this? After previewing about 20 MPG files in a folder the MPG renderer stops functioning. AVI, MKV and MP4 are previewed and play perfectly but MPG and M2V files are unplayable. I have to reboot the box to be able to get it to work again.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


 Based on my experience I think that you have a network issue or it can be your anti-virus software not a WDTV Live issue. Disable your anti-virus software when streaming movies.  Try installing PS3MediaPlayer I have DVD’s converted to MPG which stream perfectly to a WDTV Live using an emachines N450 Atom, WINXPSP3 and a Seagate 1TB USB hard drive. The CPU and network use is between 10% and 30%.

How are you playing these files - via a directly connected drive or via network shares / media server.

Both, with no issues.

I’ve had EXACTLY the same issue with MPG/VOB files since I’ve had the TV LIVE player.

If you play a MPG file it doesn’t like, the picture goes black and there is no sound on all MPG files after that

until you pull the power cord out.

VERY irritating !!

The frequency it does it seems to depend on the firmware version you are running.

I’m on version 1.04.22 which seems to do it a LOT less. It might be my imagination though…

I 've suggested a new function to allow us to restart the box without having to pull the power cord in the IDEAS section of this forum.

I hope WD deals with this one way or the other.

I don’t think there is an issue with the WDTV Live, but with the ripping and conversion software. I have tried a number of WDTV Live flash upgrades both official and WDLXTV without any MPG streaming issues. I would suggest that you download the freeware copy of VOB2MPG Rip a DVD and use VOB2MPG to convert to MPG. There is a guide on the author’s page. If you have older DVD’s try DVD Decrypter DVD Decrypter has the ability of displaying the file structure and any errors. DVD Decrypter with act as a GUI if you have AnyDVD installed.

joels wrote:

"If you play a MPG file it doesn’t like, the picture goes black and there is no sound on all MPG files after that until you pull the power cord out.

VERY irritating !!"

I have a WDTV Live and Live Plus and a Hauppauge WinTV tuner which generates MPG files. Most of the time these play just fine. Every once in a while if I press the REV button followed by PLAY the file will stop playing. After that, I get the black screen and no sound on all MPG files until I cycle the power, just as you describe. This happens on both the Live and Live Plus. I think the problem is with the way Hauppauge encodes the files, or perhaps occasionally the file gets corrupted. Either way, the WDTV can’t handle the situation and can’t recover.

I have the same problem on my player, have to unplug the player.

Have a 1T mybookworld HD. It’s so madding.

Think it’s starting to show it’s something to do with software as used to play fine up to the last 2 firmware updates also I have 2 players in different rooms and both the same.

Same problem here… MPG files won’t preview or play (1000’s!!!) all other formats work fine.

Only fix is to pull power plug.


1TB Fantom External USB HDD -connected directly.

Firmware version: 1.05.04_B (current, according to device)

This is a CRITICAL firmware FAIL… Please fix this!

What’s the point of converting to mpgs when you can go with ISOs instead?