MPEG4 playback issue

hi folks i am just wondering if anybody had same issues that i had with playing back MPEG4 encoded at 1800bps avi container . (mencoder w/ lavc plugin) 

i am currently waiting for RMA return but i was wondering if anybody had the issues .

other AVI seam fine but my own encodes ( all done the same way with a script i made)  dont seam to work good

regardless of source both HDD and streamed and even USB stick

i tried with MKV flv avi and other formats i dont seam to have the problem

i tried 2 units with same generation hardware  figured its either the way i code them or a hardware revision issue

basicaly video plays like 10 seconds then stops audio continues and then video plays “catch-up” with the audio feed 

these all play marvelously  on the TV with a usb drive .

hardware revision was : BBK-01  firmware was 3. somthing ( was latest when i shipped)

Try posting the complete media info