mp4 problems as opposed to the WD TV 1st Generation

I have received recently purchased a WD TV live in the hope of the same skills as my WD TV (1st Generation) with an additional network port.
Unfortunately I’m having problems with my mp4 files, which all run fine on my “old” WD TV.The movies stutter, the tone is not syncron, etc. - as already described in other contributions.

One possibility is all my movie files such as converted into another format. This I would like to draw only as a last possibility.

Therefore, here is my question: Is anyone here aware that are manufactured with the next firmware update may have the same “conditions” for the mp4 format, which were already present in the previous version of WD TV? The last update has now also been a while.

Excuse me my bad English. I hope I was able to understand me explain.

I have the same problems with my mp4 files. With my old WD HD TV everything works perfect, but withe the WD HD TV Live all mp4 videos stutter. Also i have problems with the chapters. They are displayed as subtitels.

with the 1.01.11 firmware up the mp4 files doesnt slutter anymore but theres a new issue with them inclued in this firmware. whenever u pause them or fast forward them they audio gets out of sync. so my suggestion relies on either weait for  the next firmware that should get out in a week or get the 1.01.11 firmware update and encode your mp4 files to mkv.

mp4 will not play on my Live period…none of them! They played great on the PS3…

Also I can’t get M2TS to play altho it’s listed in the file formats…I wish I coulda found another popcorn A-110…

On the old WD HD TV, all mp4 files played perfect. With the new live player all mp4 files are stuttering also with the .11 firmware.

I’m seeing the same problem with 1.01.12.  Sync is horrible on MP4s and I still get audio stutter every minute or so.  The same content converted to MKV seems fine.

I have the same problem. I’m running the .11 firmware and the MP4 files included on the CD do not play. There is no video at all and the sound stutters.

Thank you, now I know that I am not alone with my problem. In recent days I have many movies in mp4 files converted with different settings. Unfortunately, no one really works mp4 movie right! Some files now comes even reporting this format is not supported. I have been using since the beginning of the firmware .11. 
Interestingly, all, really all of these mp4 files will run on the old WD TV (1st generation) with no problems! That I find very annoying and I’m surprised this is not really even more angry. 
Mp4 format which I find very handy. It can be very good library, the covers can be written to the file, etc. 
As I have now discovered are mkv) files but not all playable (speed film and audio. For me, not the solution. 
When Live is for example Great in terms of mp4 files that you can now select in addition to ACC and an AC3 audio track (if you watch the film could). It would also feature in the chapter mp4 class support. BUT first and foremost, it should be possible the playback capabilities as the old WD TV produce! 
Now, I then put the WD Live TV once in a drawer. I would not have to buy me, I’m disappointed because I thought it is a logical development of my old WD TV. 
Perhaps a question for those who can know himself to be the hardware used in the WD TV Live the reason? Is it possible that this will be resolved in the next update? There is now a timeframe for the update? Thank you very much 

Hi all

I am experiencing stuttering on mp4 files as well. However it is not for all my mp4 files, many play just fine. I have noticed it only on my home movies at this point.

This was through the twonkmedia server that I have on the My Book World Edition. When I open the file through a network share, all seems fine. I hope they fix the bug soon, any others having the same problem, and if so, is it through a media server or directly to a network share?

IS there a fix for this yet?