.mp4 Files Playing One After Another

I’ve started using .mp4 files with my Live Plus. I convert the DVD using Handbrake and the AppleTV 2 preset. Then I change the file extension to .mp4.

They play fantastically and we love it! But, I noticed that these files will play one right after the other? Example; start the first movie, play thru to the end - and the next movie starts automatically.?.


Check the manual, page 35, item #3. :wink:

If you press “ENTER” on the remote to start a file, then that one file plays, and it returns you to the menu.

If you press “PAUSE/PLAY” on the remote to start a file, then that one file plays, and when it’s done, it continues with the rest of the folder.

A few months ago when the latest FW came out, I thought I’d found a bug… I thought “ENTER” ended up playing the whole folder as well (which it never used to).  When the movie ended we just shut the TV off and left the WDTV on… the next morning, it was still continuing through that folder.  Mrs. RG insisted she pressed “ENTER” and not “PLAY”, but I spent days trying to recreate it and never could… seems far more likely that Mrs. RG pressed “PLAY”… doesn’t seem likely for the WDTV to behave one way 99.999% of the time, and once in a blue moon do something differently.  But, since I can’t positively rule out the WDTV misbehaving, I suppose there’s the tiny possibility that you pressed “ENTER” as well (like Mrs. RG swears she did) and it still behaved like you pressed “PLAY”.

Thanks for the response and the help.

I couldn’t tell you what they pressed. They just came to me and said - It’s not working right. LOL.