MP4 files only want to open with the My Cloud program on OS X

I’m using OS X Mavericks (version 10.9.1) and the My Cloud program for Macs (version

Earlier today I wanted to open an MP4 file that was sitting on my desktop.  When I clicked the MP4 file, instead of it being opened with Quicktime, my computer started the My Cloud program… and then just sat there.

The fix was easy enough… I simply used “Get Info” to tell OS X to only open MP4 files with Quicktime and not the My Cloud program anymore.

However, I wanted to post on here to see if there was an explanation as to why the My Cloud program would want to hijack all of the file associations to MP4 files on my computer.  Why would there ever be a reason to open MP4 files using the My Cloud program (which doesn’t even do anything) and not using Quicktime?

Or, is this simply a programming error?


It could be that the priority of the program was set automatically by the computer.

Make sure that the file was saved on the computer and not on the network drive and you were accessing a direct link.

The MP4 file has been sitting on my desktop for over a year (way before I got the My Cloud server).  It had always properly opened with Quicktime.  Only recently (some time after I installed the WD My Cloud application for Mac), did the file association for my MP4 files change… it changed from opening MP4 files with Quicktime to them being opened by the WD My Cloud application.  I did not make this change.  But, somehow the “open with” setting for all of my MP4 files was changed from Quicktime to the WD My Cloud application.

I know it makes no sense.  And it’s an easy enough fix.  But I wanted to post here in case other people were experiencing the same problem, which might indicate a problem with the WD My Cloud for Mac application’s installer.

For what it’s worth, I do not use the either the DLNA or the iTunes features of the My Cloud device… I have both media server options turned off in settings.  Which makes this problem even more random… how did my MP4 files get changed to “open with” the WD My Cloud application?

If I’m the only person to have this problem, then great… it’s probably a random error.  But if others are having this problem, please speak up.  :)

I had the same issue when I first installed WD software on my Mac, seemed like every video files was defaulted to open with MyCloud software. I changed that on info, open with, and now all files default to open with QT or VLC.  

This is good to know.  I thought that others may be having the same problem.

When I called WD support, they said they had never heard of this happening and the guy even put me on hold to check if their “test Mac” had the same problem (it didn’t).  Please call/email support and let them know, so they can start tracking this problem.

What still does not make sense to me is why the My Cloud application would need to change the “open with” setting for ANY file, much less MP4 files (or, in your case any video file).