mp4 file names on Hub not the same as those copied

I copied a series of mp4 files from an external drive to a specific directory on the hub.  Their name structure was identical, e.g. Series.S0XE0X.mp4.  Why are some of the files listed with different names on the Hub (and sometimes without the mp4 extension) while others have the same name as the original files?

Thanks for any help.

Some of them must have metadata scraped on them.

Look for XML files with the same name (Series.S0XE0X.xml).

If so, then the WD is displaying the TITLE as identified in the XML file.

Thanks for the quick reply.

My Hub is connected to my home network.  I’ve looked in the Movies directory of the Hub (from my computer) where all my video files are located and cannot see any xml file.  I’ve looked in the sub-directories of the series and the seasons as well…  nothing, except that the file names I see listed are the original names as copied.  I’ve also looked in the .wd_tv directory and nothing there as well.  Mignt there be embedded names in some of the mp4 files?


michelb wrote:

Mignt there be embedded names in some of the mp4 files?



Perhaps, though I’ve never personally seen that…  Looking at them with a program like mp3tag will tell you…

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I’ve seen this happen as well. I THINK it’s embedded in the file. If you right click on the afflicted file in windowz choose properties then the Details tab, you may see the file name the Hub uses.

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I’ve seen this a few times … Yes,your MP4 has “Embedded Info”  

I can create and Strip “Embedded” info from a MP4 file using  (Click)  MP3TAG

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Hello everyone who pitched in to help (TonyPh12345, flhthemi and Joey).  I’m sorry it took a little time to respond to the three suggestions all pointing to the same solution…

As everyone guessed, the Hub was showing the title that was embedded in the mp4 file.  I downloaded MP3Tag and was able to remove the information from the relevant files.  After copying the files back onto the Hub, the original file names were showing properly to my great satisfaction!

Thanks and kudos to everyone!