MP4 audio problem still

I have had this WDTV for about a month and i keep looking for new firmwares to fix this ongoing problem. My MP4 audio looses sync near the last 15mins of every MP4. I have read other posts so they know about the problem. How does a company stay in business selling faulty products? I give this player a 0 / 5 stars. Even free online media players work no problem… sady waste of  159.99.

Use MKV Merge, which is free. Convert the mp4 to an mkv file. Takes a minute or so. Then upload it to your player. The sync issue should be fixed.

I know it ■■■■■ that you have to do that for EVERY mp4 file you intend to play on the WDTV, but it’s the only remedy so far. WD doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the scores of complaints that have been send to them about this issue.