MP3 files not showing up

So, I’m playing around with getting content to my EX2TUtra and then playing on my Samsung UHD TV with Plex. I moved 3 music albums I had purchased and downloaded from Amazon to the EX2 and then to the Plex library. Also moved some photo files which show up on both the EX2 and the Plex library. Problem arises when I try to move music which I have ripped to my computer using Windows Media Player. I have made sure they were ripping to MP3 file format. I can drag and drop to my EX2 on the network on the computer and they show up just fine there. But when I go to my Plex account, the photos I dragged and dropped are there, but not the ripped MP3 music album. When I click on my EX2 at the top, they are also not there.

What am I missing here??? Thanks!

Hi Draclvr,

Refer to the below mentioned link and make sure you follow all the steps given.

Thank you! I had figured out that I needed to click on either the “+” or the three dots to add or scan my library. I don’t know why the original 3 albums and the photo files I dragged and dropped showed up without having to do that. Oh, well. Bookmarked that link as it was very helpful and I wish I would have had it right away.