MP3 files not displayed


I have a WD Passport USB drive connected to my WD TV unit and it contains a mixture of various mp3 audio files and various formats of video files. When I initially connected the drive it took over 48 hours to build the media library but it finally completed. I can now see all of the various video files as I traverse through the directories, but none of the mp3 files. Some directories contain only video files, some contain only audio files, and others contain a mixture. However, that doesn’t seem to matter and the mp3s are never visible in the directories. However, when I view the disk contents on my computer over the network all of the files are there.


Are you navigating the “Music” section of your media player? Even if all music and video files are present in the same folder, if you are in the “Videos” menu then music files will not be displayed.

That was the problem. Thanks for your help!