Moving Share Information Area

I’ve been playing with a theme, to help the contrast on my CRT TV with a Composite connection, and got another wee problem.

I’ve seen this moved in some themes but can’t seem to find the string I’m looking for in the xmls.  I’d like to move, in the below image, the “GoFlex Home/UPNP-AV Music: Playlist” Information area.  Of course, I could just move my weather info but i’m trying to keep it on the left side.

Is this possible and if so what ‘string’ am I looking for to move it’s position and change its size, font colour etc:

photo move_media_share_info.pngLast question of the day I promise :slight_smile:

this is controlled by  “rv_browse_common_widgets_new.xml”

at the bottom of the listview.xml there is a line include filename.

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Thanks ztrsust.

I gather I can just comment it out of listview.xml if I don’t want it there at all.  Haven’t fully decided yet.

Thanks again.

yeah you can but thatxml controls other stuff too so take a look at it and then decide

Just put !-- and – in it to diable it, lik this:

You can check, it you like it delete the line otherwise reme !-- and – and it will work again

Yeah that’s exactly what I did Jack.  Commented it out. I’ll keep it like that just now until I see if it mucks anything up.

Great! It’s terrible to find out you need code you delete earlier… it costs an incredible amount of time to get it good again.

Another trick I use if I need to find some code: I change the colour in a xml file (for example everything in pink), I upload the theme and check what is changed. It takes some time, but it’s a great tool to find the correct code.