Moving from boxee to wdtv live - a few questions

hi everyone, I have gone from boxee to briteview cinematube and I’m now moving away from the briteview as its so slow to fast forward and with kids who like HD movies, this is a huge problem.

I am considering the WDTV live (what is the hub… what is the difference??) and am only really interested in local content stored on a 2TB USB external drive. 

The main factors to me and questions to you guys are:

  1. what is the boot up time like on the WDTV live 3rd gen including the time to detech the HDD (this is what lets the briteview down… often leaving me waiting for a minute to get into my media library)

  2. what is the fast forward speed like? I think I saw a “skip to certain point” or something similar in a youtube video which would be a lovely video to skip to say 20 mins into a move.

  3. does anyone know if the wdtv live will play back .mov files from canon DSLR cameras?

thanks in advance.


  1. Switch the wdtv on, boom, you are into the library when you click on Video

  2. As you have seen, there is a goto a certain time, also it has 2x 4x 8x 16x speed, pretty fast but the bit you have seen is really helpful, if it is for forwarding to a part you were watching before you switched it off, then it will resume from where you originally stopped.

  3. no idea mate.

  1. There’s also a 10 minute skip but the best plus over the Boxee is the fact that there’s no annoying fan.

Thanks guys… Have purchased :slight_smile:

well I have to say, this thing is perfect. Everything I wanted the boxee to be, I’m so pleased.

Startup time is phenominal (it hangs for 5 secs or on “connecting to network” so i’m wondering that it might be even faster if I disconnect the network cable - I really dont stream anything anyway - what do you guys think?)

The skip to certain point feature is lovely. Haven’t tested if it plays everything I have, but I’m assuming it’ll be very similar to boxee in that respect. I also LOVE the favourite feature, have added all of my daughters disney films and it means we can go from switch on to watching sleeping beauty in about 20 seconds (oh the joy)

I love the simplicity of the UI although I have a couple of questions:

  1. can you remove things like RSS and Games from the home screen to make it even simpler?

  2. When I select video it asks me to choose local storage, network share, etc… Is there any way of setting the defaulf of this to local storage as I’ll only ever use a USB drive and it seems silly I have to select the source each time.

  3. Is there any way to exclude certain folders from the Photos collection. It’s picked up all of my music cover art (in my Music folder) and I’d like it to ONLY look in the Photos folder on the hard drive.

All in all 8/10 so far… if I can correct all of the above, it’s a straight 10!