Moving Files Using Windows Explorer is Painful

I’m trying to move a large set of files from my hard drive to my new My Cloud Mirror.  I don’t want to just back these up, as I’d prefer to maintain the file structure so that I can access it from any PC connected to the network.  (That’s the whole point, right?)  When I try to “Cut” and “Paste” the top directory, Windows explorer is often unable to proceed because of a variety of problems and errors.  Is the only way to use the SmartWare software to back it up on the My Cloud Mirror, and then restore it?  Are there other file management programs that can move files more effectively than Windows Explorer?

If you have a suitable one handy, copy them to a large USB thumb-drive and then plug that directly into the MCM.

In the MCM dashboard (accessibly via your web browser of choice - point it at the IP address of the MCM) there is an option for copying files between the USB port on the system and the shares on the drives in it. That way you’re cutting out the network transfer and the windows end of things itself, which should speed things up a whole lot (especially if you have a decent speed thumb drive).

Can you be a bit more specific about the “problems and errors” that you are seeing?

It said that some files aren’t available because they’re shared with another program (while all other programs are closed), and another error saying that there’s not enough memory to complete the transfer.  

I’m not advertising here at all, but there is a software that is incredible. It’s called Beyond Compare and it is a pay for software, BUT they give you a portable version for free (slimmed down of course) that you can put on pretty much anything. It copies faster than windows and since it is a file comparison software, it can pick up where it left off, and you can run multiple instances. Google it, you won’t be disappointed. Other softwares I use are: Bulk Rename Utility Greenshot DVD Shrink 3.2 All free just to name a few.