Moving files from one share to another share

Is there a way in the dashboard to move data from one share into another?  If not, what is the quickest way of doing this?

I am mapping my MBLD permanenty to my computer desktop, so it will be backed up ongoing with CrashPlan.  No problem setting that up.  But… being fairly new to all this, I didn’t realize that when you map any NAS… you don’t map the drive… you map the shares (folders) which appear as an ejectable drive on your desktop.  

Originally, thinking “shares” were like folders, I created 8 share folders instead of ONE folder, inside which all my other folders would exist.  DUH… now I need to move all the data in the 8 folders into ONE share.  I thought this would be quick, since I’m moving data that is already on the drive into another place.  But no… I just tried it… and it seems like it will take forever.

SSH to MBLD and move folders from a command line on the drive itself. 

Once you are in the command line of the MBLD you can also install Midnight commander and do file manipulations with it.

Form the command line on the MBLD you can install MC with:

apt-get install mc


I’m a bit cagey about installing stuff on the MBLD in case it gets bricked, messes up the MBLD’s ability to take update and/or messes up any other services on the MBLD.

Exactly how safe is is to install Midnight commander.

I’m asking because some people don’t care if their NASs will not be able to take updates.  I do wish mine to be able to take updates.

After the update you will have to install MC again, that is all. It will not change the way the MBLD update.

However you can move files around via shell commands like mv if you do not want to install anything on the drive.

If you will have issues with ownership of the files after you move them to another share you can also change the permissions and/or owner (chmod/chown).

The only problem that you could run into installing stuff via ssh is if you fill up the rootfs. Other than that, you can always update firmware no matter what and you won’t lose functions.

There is another way to move files between shares on the MBLD without tne need for messing with Linux.  I added the following to the Samba configuraton . . .

  path = /shares
  comment =
  browseable = no
  invalid users =
  valid users = admin
  read list =
  write list = admin
  map read only = no

Once done (no reboot required) then the MBLD owner user can access the single Samba share \MyBookLiveDuo\__NAS_all_shares has access to all the shares as directories/folders. Whe you move stuff between folders and directories Samba simple moves the files and folders internally and does not copy data to the PC to then copy it back.

It’s only a configuraton change. No need to isnstal anything on the MBLD.


Good point. If there is too little free space on the rootfd then any WD updates will fail.

xiownthisplacex wrote:

The only problem that you could run into installing stuff via ssh is if you fill up the rootfs. Other than that, you can always update firmware no matter what and you won’t lose functions.

You could also install Total Commander for Windows for easy switching between drives and folders on the NAS or even your pc drives. That way you don’t have to mess with Samba or Linux commands in ssh.

With the additional hiddeen share (does not have to be hidden) there is no need to install any additional file managers. The relocation of file system objectd within the MBLD are handled internally in the MBLD. The computer only has to tell the MBLD where to relocate files and folders and Samba just does it.

From my own experience it’s the most convenient way of performing this task.  For me more so when I wish to move a few gigabytes of files from one share to another.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion MKranjc.  I don’t understand what you are describing at all unfortunately, or any of the responses afterwards.  I was just asking if there is a simple and quick way to move files from a Share… into a folder within a Share.  Other than drag and drop, which is very slow, and I’m getting all kinds of errors that never popped up when I copied the original data (file names too long, etc)

Right…  What you want to do can be done using the method I’ve given and in some cases, depending how how you wish to configure users, you may not even been to move a single file.

Login to the NAS’s dashboard UI. I’l assume you’ve ot changed it’s name from MyBookLiveDuo.

Go to web address:  http://MyBookLiveDuo/UI/ssh

Enable SSH.  Read the blurb that’s on that page.

Download an SSH client. Don’t lknow what to use on a Mac.  If it’s a PC the use PuTTY (Use Google to find it.)

Start an SSH session to the MyBookLive.

Login using the credentials shown on the web page http://MyBookLiveDuo/UI/ssh.

Once you have the Linux command prompt issue the following command.

nano /etc/samba/overall_share

Add the following lines to the top of the text file you’ll be editing exactly as shown.

  path = /shares
  comment = Root of NAS's shares
  browseable = yes
  invalid users =
  valid users = admin
  read list =
  write list = admin
  map read only = no

You may change the word Root to whatever suits you.

Press CTRL/X.

Select YES

Don’t change the file name. Just press ENTER and if asked to overwrite the file, allow the overwrite.

Press CTRL/D to logout.

You now has access to all the other shares as defined on the Dashboard UI but represented as folders/directories.

If you wish to create and remove these directories from the new single share (does not appear on the Dashboard UI) then use the Dashboard board UI to do his otherwise under all the shares.

If this is not what you wish then create a new share under the Dashboad UI and use the other suggestion to move the files and folders from all the other shared into the blank share using the Linux mv command or install Midnight Commander on the MBLD and use that.

Final option is the one that takes the longest and create the new share and use the computer to move everything betwen shares whicl will take a while because all the file data will be copied to your computer and then back to the MBLD. I’m not 100% sure how Total Commander will do this but I think it’ll do the same as this third option does.

If you’re moving files from one folder to another on tbe MBLD then Samba will just relocate the files and folders.  This can’t be done when moving between network shares even if it is on the same device.

Hope that helps.

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