Moving files from nas knocks me offline

I have a folder of about 100gb of data I am trying to move off the nas to my primary pc hard drive, each time I start the transfer it shows about 3 hours to complete at around 11mbps, but as it starts it knocks me off line, very annoying! Any idea what I can do or adjust or check so that I can actually move data from the nas to pc without losing the connection to the internet?


does it happen with small amount of data?

No not really if i do smaller batches things slow down but they still work then it finishes and stuff is normal again, i can use plex to stream from the nas with no issues either, but once i try to pull a larger folder from the nas to the pc it just cuts out the internet for everyone else wifi included.

The transfer does complete vs stall though, last night i set it up before bed and moved the 100gb of files and it worked just during that time couldn’t use phones ipad or any hard or wifi device as the nas to pc transfer just stalled the internet so to speak.